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Mesquite Blend BBQ Grilling Pellets - 20 lbs
Mesquite Blend BBQ Grilling Pellets - 20 lbs

Lumber Jack - Mesquite Blend BBQ Grilling Pellets - 20 lbs


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Manufacturer's Part Number: #5048

• 60% Red Oak, 40% Mesquite
• Made from actual trees, not just residual wood.
• Made using the bark and cambium layer of trees. This is the area where the most flavor in a tree resides.
• Made in a smaller diameter to create a hotter burn and more smoke with more surface area.
• Made in the USA

Moisture Total 4.87
Ash As received %WT 0.95
Ash Moisture free %WT 0.9
Sulfur As received 0.004
Sulfur Moisture free 0.004
SO2 0.008
Btu/lb As received 8112
Btu/lb Moisture free 8487

%/weight Gas off data
Silicon Dioxide in Ash 3.66
Aluminum Oxide in Ash 2.44
Titanium Dioxide in Ash 2.64
Iron Oxide in Ash 1.85
Calcium Oxide in Ash 27.83
Magnesium Oxide in Ash 0.12
Potassium Oxide in Ash 0.31
Sodium Oxide in Ash 1.09
Sulfur Trioxide in Ash 3.47
Phosphorus Pentoxide in Ash 3.93
Strontium Oxide in Ash 9.21
Barium Oxide in Ash 0.14
Manganese Dioxide in Ash 6.71
Undetermined 1.48

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