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Sevin Ready To Use Bug Killer 1.25 gal

Ready To Use Bug Killer 1.25 gal
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Liquid Sevin, Formulation For Control Of Garden Bugs, No Odor, Kills Over 100 Insect Pests, Pre-Measured & Pre-Mixed For Consumer Convenience, In Ergonomic Spray Bottle. Formulated to control garden bugs. Kills over 100 insect pests. Pre-measured and pre-mixed for convenience in ergonomic spray bottle. Odorless. Vegetable Pest: Alfalfa Caterpillar, Apache cicada, Armyworms, Asparagus beetle, Aster leafhopper, Bean leaf beetle, Chinch bug, Colorado potato beetle, Corn earworm, Corn rootworm Adult, Cowpea curculio, Cucumber beetle, Cutworms, European corn borer, Fall armyworm, Flea beetles, Grasshoppers, Green Cloverworm, Harlequin bug, Imported cabbageworm, Japanese beetle, Lace bugs, Leafhoppers, Lima Bean pod Borer, Lygus bugs, Melon worm, Mexican bean beetle, Pea weevil, Rednecked peanutworm, Sap Beetles, Southwestern corn borer, Spittlebugs, Squash bugs, Stink bugs, Sweet potato weevil, Three cornered alfalfa hopper, Thrips, Tomato hornworm, Tomato pinworm, Tortoise beetle, Velvetbean Caterpillar, Webworms, Western bean Cutworm, Whitefringed Beetle (adults), Yellowstriped Armyworm Fruit Crops: Apple aphid, Apple maggot, Apple mealybug, Apple pandemis, Apple rust mite, Apple sucker, Avocado Leafroller, Bagworms, Black Cherry Aphid, Black scale, Blueberry maggot, Brown soft scale, California red scale, Cherry fruitworm, Cherry maggot, Citrus cutworm, Citrus root weevil, Citricola scale, Citrus snow scale, Codling moth, Cucumber beetles, Cutworms, Eastern tent caterpillar, Eightspotted forester, European apple sawfly, European earwig, European raspberry aphid, Eyespotted budmoth, Forbes scale, Fruit tree leafroller, Grape berry moth, Grape leaffolder, Grape leafhopper, Green fruitworm, Japanese beetle, June beetles, Leafhoppers, Leafrollers, Lecanium scales, Lesser appleworm, Lesser peachtree borer, Meadow spittlebug, Omnivorous leaftier, Orange tortrix, Oriental fruit moth, Oystershell scale, Peach twig borer, Pear leaf blister mite, Pear psylia, Pear rust mite, Periodical cicada, Plum curculio, Prune leafhopper, Raspberry sawfly, Red-banded leafroller, Rose chafer, Rosy apple aphid, Saltmarsh caterpillar, San Jose scale, Snowy tree cricket, Strawberry fruitworm, Strawberry weevil, Tarnished plant bug, Tentiform leafminers, Tussock moth, Variegated leafroller, Western grapeleaf skeletonizer, Western tussock moth, West Indian sugarcaneborer (adults), Western yellowstripe armyworm, White apple leafhopper, Wooly apple aphid, Yellow headed fireworm. Ornamental Trees, Shrubs & Flower Pest: Ants (excluding harvester, carpenter, and pharaoh ants), Apple aphid, Armyworm, Azalea leafminer, Bagworms, Birch leafminer, Blister beetle, Boxelder bug, Boxwood leafminer, Browntail moth, Cankerworms, Catalpa sphinx, Chiggers*, Cooley spruce gall, Elm leaf aphid, Elm spanworm, Eriophyid mites, European pine- shoot moth, Fall armyworm, Flea beetles, Fuller rose beetles, Gall midges, Gall wasps, Grasshoppers, Green striped- Mapleworm, Gypsy moth, Hackberry nipplegall makers, Holly budmoth, Holly leafminer, Jackpine budworm, Japanese beetle, Jeffrey pine needleminer, June beetles, Plant bugs, Lace bugs, Leafhoppers, Leafrollers, Locust borer, Maple leafcutter, Mealy bugs, Mimosa webworm, Nantucket pine tip moth, Oak leafminers, Oak leaf skeletonizer, Oakworm complex, Oleander caterpillar, Olive ash borer, Orange-striped oakworm, Orange tortrix, Periodical cicada, Pine Sawfly, Pine spittlebug, Pitch pine tip moth, Poinsettia horn worm, Psyllids, Puss caterpillar, Redhumped oakworm, Rose aphid, Rose chafer, Roseslug, Saddled prominent, Sawflies (exposed), Scale insects, Sowbugs, Spiny elm caterpillar, Springtails, Spruce budworm, Spruce needleminer, Subtropical pine tip moth, Tent caterpillar, Thorn bug, Thrips (exposed), Ticks*, Walnut caterpillarWebworms, Western hemlock loopers, Western spruce budworm, Willow leaf beetles, Yellow poplar-weevil
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Product Type Pest Control
Manufacturer Sevin
Manufacturer SKU S2001
Department N/A
Buyer's Pick No
Clearance No
Eco Friendly No
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